Homecoming Sunday & Water Communion

Celebrate the start of a new church year!

Church Homecoming Celebration Sept 9

10 AM
Bell Ringers on the Front Steps
Water Communion in the Sanctuary

11 AM
Church Picnic in Fiske Hall
Youth Group Open House
Membership Directory Photo Booth

Rev. Dr. Adam RobersmithA special welcome from Rev. Adam: 

On September 9, we will celebrate our Homecoming and Water Communion: gathering the congregation together once again after some people have scattered for the summer, or perhaps for a longer time than that.

No matter how long you have been away from the Universalist Church – just a weekend or for a few years – this is a wonderful moment to come back, flowing into the life that is ours to create together. 
Bring water that is sacred to you, whether from home or far away, from rivers or oceans or lakes or the tap that serves your family. We’ll have water for hose who don’t bring some, too.

I look forward to celebrating with you in your ritual of Homecoming – to joining the stream of my life with all of yours in our community of love. See you on Sunday, September 9th!


Rev Adam UCWH