Annual Giving

We have created  a church community that reflects our dreams. 

We entered this new church year with hope, commitment to each other, and high-expectations.  We have joined Rev. Dr. Adam Robersmith in shaping a new ministry on Fern Street, a ministry that will energize and propel us into the congregation’s 3rd century.

This is the year we will move from feelings of scarcity to those of abundance and possibility.  We will dream big, act out our faith in our daily lives, and support our community of faith.  

Invest in the DreamInvest in the Dream
2018 Annual Giving Campaign

We share the dream and we share the investment.
Each fall, we ask our members to pledge financial support for the coming year.  New pledges are accepted throughout the year. Please give as generously as your circumstances allow.

We own our budget and how we spend it. Unlike many other faith traditions, Unitarian Universalists are free to choose our messages, our programs, and our priorities.  There are no directives from some hierarchy above the congregation. 

We practice good citizenship so along with that freedom comes responsibility.  We are the stewards of this amazing place and the keepers of our congregation’s values. 

We are solely responsible for funding the church building, staff, and programs. We depend on our members’ annual pledges for two-thirds of our funding.

We all do our part. To support our $600,000 budget for 2018, our annual giving campaign goal is $400,000 and 100% participation by members and friends.

With your pledge, you join us in the dream.

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